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2023 co-writer / art director


Earth is under attack. So many Americans envision a greener future – and there is a growing request for content that acknowledges this desire to combat eco- anxiety. As audiences flock to titles like DON’T LOOK UP, DOWN TO EARTH,reflective pieces by David Attenborough and more – this series revolutionizes the nature space through a thought- provoking, engaging, social experiment.

2023 directing / dramaturgy


In his piece for baritone saxophone, Antonin Chaumet offers us a sonic journey into the world of pure vibration, the frequency of the heart, the music of gestures and stars, of energy and thought. Through the exploration of his sound and light device, let us feel the effects of this vibration, let us cross, inspire, enchant by the sound, connected by all that vibrates, symbol of unity. Echophone perfectly illustrates the universal rhythm at the origin of everything.

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 2023 graphic designer


 I hope my work contributes to changing the imagination and implementing concrete solutions by drawing a more positive and inspiring representation of the world.  To imagine campaigns as megaphones for the environmental cause to accelerate awareness and change.Responsible and committed advertising to better reinvent ourselves and to instill a new imaginary

Music live


Meet us in 2023 and 2024 with our show, we'll prepare you some crazy things

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2023 nature activist


Co-creation with ASSOSSA the pygmy chief ( Gabon) the school guardians of the primary forest.

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